Full alert raised in National Capital Region, more checkpoints set

January 28, 2019
Guillermo Lorenzo T. Eleazar

NATIONAL Capital Region Police Office chief Director Guillermo Lorenzo T. Eleazar yesterday declared a full alert in Metro Manila to ensure that there will be no replication of the deadly Jolo Cathedral bombing last Sunday which killed 20 people and wounded 112 others.

Eleazar said the full alert meant that all NCRPO personnel leaves and passes have been canceled and members of the metropolitan police force have been instructed to immediately report to their units and offices.

The NCRPO chief also ordered an intensified conduct of checkpoints and security patrols in coordination with the military as well as stepped-up intelligence gathering to prevent possible terror plots. 

“All acts of terrorism are despicable. All acts of terrorism against people of any religion, race or creed, are crimes against humanity; and are always a threat to any nation's security, just as this Jolo Cathedral bombing is a threat to our national security,” he said. 

Eleazar again called on the public to maintain their vigilance and immediately report all suspicious packages and movements of suspicious-looking persons to the nearest police station.

“I call on our residents not to be alarmed nor to panic. Instead, I call on all residents to be defiant and vigilant. Having said that, I have placed the NCRPO in full alert status, with the mindset of utilizing all our resources in NCRPO to the maximum, to help ensure no such incidents happen in Metro Manila,” he said. 

He said they will increase the number of police checkpoints including their Oplan Sita.

“We will deploy more police men and women to conduct foot patrol in most frequent areas of convergence, in commercial areas, school and university belts, market places, churches and other busy areas to increase police presence and visibility,” Eleazar added.

At the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), the Office for Transportation Security (OTS) ordered its personnel to make simultaneous checking of all passengers entering the NAIA terminals to prevent sneaking of firearms or explosives.

Manila International Airport Authority General Manager Eddie V. Monreal said the security level 1 would be maintained at all times.

OTS head executive assistant Napoleon Cuaton said all airports in Mindanao region are under heightened alert following the bombing in Jolo.

“Our security forces in Mindanao airports were given directives to be extra vigilant,” Cuaton said.

With Willy Balasa