Gamboa to men: Destroy VK machine ‘mother boards’

February 09, 2020

PHILIPPINE National Police chief, General Archie Francisco F. Gamboa, has ordered all concerned police units to make sure that they will officially document the destruction of ‘mother boards’ of seized ‘video-karera’ machines in their areas to prevent the possible recycling of the banned illegal gambling apparatus associated with illegal drug abuse.

“I would direct all my 17 police regional directors to see to it that their men will destroy the mother boards of confiscated video-karera machines to prevent the possibility that only the VK monitor and the console will be destroyed in public,” the top cop told the Journal Group.

In the past, some enterprising policemen in different parts of the country were known for removing the mother boards of VK machines they confiscate before presenting them for public destruction in front of the media.

These ‘mother boards’ are then transferred to other ‘VK’ machines and recycled back in the market.

Gen. Gamboa said he wants the immediate destruction of confiscated ‘VK machines with their mother boards intact’ to prevent the possibility of recycling. The destruction of the mother boards should be officially recorded on video.

Unknown to many,’ VK’ machine operators are earning huge amount of money every month but are also giving ‘protection money’ to some unscrupulous local government officials, the police and some personalities.

A single ‘VK machine’ can earn a minimum of P1,000 each day, thus 100 ‘VK’ machines spread in a single city or municipality can earn P100,000 a day or around P3 million a month. “It’s only a piso-piso thing but a VK-addicted individual may spend a minimum of P100 to play in a single sitting. You just multiply the number of players and the amount of money they gamble,” a police official said.

Big-time ‘VK machine’ operators are known for offering hundreds of thousands of pesos a month to a police chief so that he can be allowed to operate his illegal activities without being raided, the same official said.

In the past, some rogue policemen gained notoriety for raiding ‘VK outlets’ and confiscating the machines’ even outside their jurisdiction. As soon as the raids are over, these erring policemen will set up their own ‘VK operations’ in their areas.

Today, all 17 PNP Regional Directors, joined by their provincial directors will hold their respective press conferences y to reiterate Gen. Gamboa’s policies as well as his ‘1-strike policy’ which will lead to the immediate relief of any police chief in the event illegal gambling activities including presence of the banned ‘video-karera’ machines which has been associated with illegal drug use will be confiscated in his/her area by agents of the PNP Integrity Monitoring and Enforcement Group and the regional or provincial headquarters.