Guban transferred fromNational Bureau of Investigation to Manila City Jail

May 11, 2019

THE  Manila City Regional Trial Court ordered the transfer of former Customs Intelligence Officer Jimmy Guban from the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) custody to the Manila City Jail.

In a four-page order issued by Manila Court Judge Maria Bernardita Santos, the motion of Guban to stay at the NBI jail was not granted. Guban was among those charged in connection with the billions worth of shabu found in  magnetic lifters.

It was learned that Guban was on ‘voluntary confinement’ as  witness for the Senate when it conducted an inquiry but he was later transferred to the NBI detention facility.

An accused cannot decide on the place where he should serve his preventive imprisonment, otherwise to allow each and every arrested person to make a choice would result in confusion and disorder, the court order stated.

Guban, former police official Eduardo Acierto and six others were charged with violation of the  Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 and reportedly have pending warrant of arrest.

Before the court issued a commitment order, Guban filed a motion requesting to stay at the NBI citing threats to his life, but the prosecution objected. Guban was said to have failed to prove that the MCJ is incapable of  providing him security.

The NBI was told by the court to transfer Guban to the MCJ and then submit to the court a proof of compliance that Guban had been brought to the MCJ.