Hospital hit by water woes get Philippine Red Cross assistance

March 13, 2019

AMID the water shortage affecting thousands of families in Metro Manila, the Philippine Red Cross has started to supply water to the Rizal Medical Center (RMC) in Pasig, which is among the hospitals affected by the Manila Water service interruption due to the water level drop of La Mesa Dam.

Sen. Richard Gordon, PRC chairman, has ordered the deployment of six water tankers after finding out that the water crisis has struck Rizal Medical Center through a phone conversation with Health Secretary Francisco T. Duque III.

Gordon immediately mobilized two 12-liter and four 10-liter water tankers, which can load up to 64,000 liters of water per batch, to fill the 300-bed hospital’s 145,000-liter reservoir.

“At the request of Sec. Duque, we provided water tankers at Rizal Medical Center. This should help the patients who are vulnerable due to lack of potable and clean water in the hospital.  This, like our responses to the measles outbreak and fire incidents, is part of the humanitarian services that the Philippine Red Cross delivers. And we will continue to ensure that hospitals will have sufficient water supply,” he said.

Gordon assured that the PRC will help provide clean and potable water to the thousands of families affected by the water shortage in Metro Manila but hospitals must be prioritized to ensure that healthcare services will not be interrupted and to avoid health complications, such as sepsis, a type of blood infection.

PRC is planning to acquire more 10,000-liter water tankers to assist other affected hospitals in Metro Manila.

“We are ready to address the needs of the hospitals because we have water tankers that are capable of filling up a high-pressure water system,” the PRC chairman assured.

To date, PRC has eight water tankers in Metro Manila, which is part of the 20 water tankers nationwide.