House adopts water security plan to ensure sufficient water supply

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo

THE House of Representatives adopted House Resolution 2593 which would help ensure supply of water for household, commercial, and industrial uses in Metro Manila and mitigate the impact of climate change.

Principally authored by House Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the resolution stated that there is a need to safeguard and ensure the supply of important resource basic to human life such as water and abate the negative impacts of climate change, urbanization, as well as natural or man-induced disasters, through the identification of policies and programs to address these threats and the promotion of resource conservation practices.

Though the country has vast supplies of water from rivers, lakes, reservoirs, groundwater, and rainfall, supply and access to these water sources are threatened by pollution, calamities, man-made disasters and climate change.

Speaker Arroyo said the country has been experiencing water shortage due to an inefficient distribution system as well as the result of dry spells brought about by the El Niño weather phenomenon as part of global climate change.

She pointed out that the water shortage that happened this year, where the East Service Zone of Metro Manila, currently served by Manila Water Company, Inc., experienced interruptions in water supply due to high demand and insufficient supply from the Angat Dam ignited the call for a water security plan to identify sustainable water sources to address the rising demand for water for household consumption.

“The implementation of these infrastructure projects and the formulation of a water security masterplan is necessary to safeguard sustainable access to water, address projected water supply demand, and protect the country’s water resources from the negative effects of natural and man-made or man-induced disaster that could endanger water quality and quantity as well as water supply infrastructure,” according the resolution.