Housemaid charged with qualified theft

November 28, 2018

CHARGES of qualified theft were filed against a 41-year-old housemaid after her two Chinese employers accused her of stealing Tuesday afternoon.

PO2 Kaiser Mijares identified the suspect as Janet Alano, a native of Quezon province and stay-in helper at a condominium unit located on Natividad Lopez Street in Ermita, Manila. She is now in the custody of the MPD-Theft and Robbery Section.

A report to Chief Insp. Eduardo Pama said complainants Wang Ling Ling, 37, claimed that they lost an earrings worth P18,000, a necklace worth P26,000 and P3,000 cash.

Wang Ling Ling told police that she went to their condo unit to rest when she found the maid inside their room.

When she began checking on their valuables, the suspect allegedly left in a huff.

An investigation is underway but the alleged lost items were not recovered.