HPG: No wang-wang, unauthorized escorts

October 16, 2019

PHILIPPINE National Police Highway Patrol Group director, Brigadier General Eliseo DC Cruz, yesterday reiterated his strict ‘no wang-wang’ policy and the crackdown on unauthorized motorcycle escorts in the country.

“I would like to reiterate that we have strict regulations when it comes to providing HPG motorcycle escorts as well as the implementation of Presidential Decree 96 which prohibits the unauthorized use of sirens, blinkers and other gadgets in the country,” said the PNP-HPG director.

Cruz explained that there is an existing PNP policy on the provision of PNP mobile and motorcycle security coverage nationwide. The policy was implemented amid complaints regarding the unauthorized use of police cars and motorcycles serving as escorts to VIPs and other individuals to the consternation of motorists caught in daily traffic gridlock in Metro Manila specifically EDSA.

The sight of motorcycle riders wearing jackets with ‘Police’ markings and using their sirens during their unauthorized escort duties have given a negative image to the police force apart from depleting the PNP’s mobility resources.

As a result, the policy saw to it that all motorcycle escorts from the PNP-HPG and the Police Security and Protection Group should have official authority from the PNP Directorate for Operations and their mother units each time they provide escort duty.

Failure to have the duty order will merit the administrative investigation of the offender.

“We are fully implementing this policy and there are no exemptions here. Those who will be found violating the directive will for sure face administrative charges that would lead to strict penalties including suspension,” Cruz said.

In the past, PNP-HPG agents have apprehended members of different local government units and territorial police units acting as unauthorized escorts to foreigners in Metro Manila or during funeral processions.

The violators were found to be involved in a ‘motorcycle escort-for-a-fee’ racket in connivance with some travel agencies and funeral parlors.

There are also the presence of some barangay and private security agency vehicles and individual cars and SUVs sporting sirens and blinkers and gadgets banned under PD 96.

Cruz asked the public to take videos of any person using sirens and blinkers while wiggling in and out of heavy traffic on EDSA and other parts of Metro Manila. He said that they will go after these persons as soon as their license plates are verified with the Land Transportation Office.

Persons with banned sirens and blinkers will be fined and their illegal gadgets confiscated by the PNP-HPG.

“We  are calling on the public to see to it that they will be able to catch the license plates of the violators so that we could go after them immediately,” he said.