Isko asks daycare teachers for longer tolerance, patience

February 14, 2020
Isko Moreno
Isko Moreno

Mayor Isko Moreno has called on daycare teachers in Manila to stretch their tolerance and patience to the limit owing to their huge responsibilities.

This call was made by Moreno as he spoke to the teachers in City Hall, where he also reminded them that they serve as their pupils’ second parents.

‘Kayo  ay kabilang o kasama na humuhulma sa kabataang Manilenyo.  Kayo ang humuhulma sa mga susunod na nanay, tatay o lider ng bansa  kaya sana ay habaan ninyo ang inyong pasensiya,’ he said

The mayor added: ‘ Naturally, makulit talaga ang mga ‘yan kasi bata. That’s why they need’s all up to you now.  Malaki ang part ninyo bilang second parents.’

He also assured the teachers that no one will be removed just because of political inclinations or beliefs.

On the other hand, he requested them not to allow their political preferences get in the way of their jobs.

The mayor called for cooperation and unity, stressing this is what he needs from all Manilans right now to get the city back up on its feet.