Isko to bgys: Be ready to respond to nCoV cases

February 04, 2020
Isko Moreno
Mayor Isko Moreno meets with department heads yesterday. All barangays in the city were ordered to work in harmony with the DILG. To his left is secretary to the mayor Bernie Ang. Photo by Jerry S. Tan

MAYOR Isko Moreno reiterated his previous directive for all 896 barangays in the city of Manila to be ready to respond to cases where any of their constituents may manifest symptoms of the dreaded 2019 novel corona virus.

The directive came following pronouncements made by the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) calling on all barangays to form health emergency response teams against the said virus.

In their previous meetings prior to the DILG pronouncement, Moreno and vice mayor Honey Lacuna have mobilized all concerned city government bureaus, departments and offices to ensure that proper information on all aspects of the corona virus particularly how to avoid it and what to do in case on has the symptoms are properly disseminated down to the barangay grassroots level.

Moreno complemented the DILG order by directing all barangays in the city to work in harmony with all national agencies on top of the corona virus situation.

The mayor welcomed the DILG move, saying it will be a big boost to the ongoing efforts of the city government to fight the spread of the said virus , noting that early detection is key.

Meanwhile, Moreno had ordered department of public services chief Kenneth Amurao to clear the vicinity of the San Lazaro Hospital in Sta. Cruz of informal settlers.

In giving the directive, the mayor noted that the said hospital is one of those where patients manifesting symptoms of the corona virus are being treated due to its capability to handle such cases. The first death related to the said virus was in fact from that hospital.

As soon as news of the corona outbreak came out, Moreno has already undertaken several measures aimed at educating the citizens of Manila and centering on early detection, prevention and swift cure.

All barangay health centers and city hospitals under the supervision of Vice Mayor Lacuna and the Manila Health Department under its chief Dr. Arnold Pangan were also put on high alert and prepared to accept referrals from the barangay leaders who are in closer contact with their constituency and are therefore expected to detect early onset of symptoms on any resident.