Isko cites MHD for polio drug completion

February 10, 2020
Isko Moreno

THE Manila Health Department (MHD) was cited by Mayor Isko Moreno for having accomplished over a hundred percent completion in the city’s anti-polio campaign, exceeding the requirement set by the Department of Health (DoH), in so short a time.

During the flag-raising ceremony yesterday, Moreno announced that the MHD headed by Dr. Arnold ‘Poks’ Pangan has already achieved 110 percent coverage of children who were administered immunization from polio 1 and polio 3.

Citing Pangan’s report, Moreno also said that for polio 2 (monovalent opv type 2), the MHD has already vaccinated a total of 212,000 children  covering the period from  January 27 up to February 9.

The number of children immunized by the MHD in under the ‘Sabayang Patak Kontra Polio’ program of the DoH representing  99.2 percent of the total target coverage.

It was learned that those that should be covered by the program are kids five years and younger.

‘The requirement of the DoH is only 95 percent completion but the MHD has already exceeded it and is in fact working on 100 percent completion as we speak,’Moreno said.

The mayor also called on those who have children up to five years old to take advantage of the opportunity to protect their kids from polio, stressing it is being given for free.