Isko distributes TV sets to 425 daycare centers

February 12, 2020

ABOUT 24,000 daycare students stand to benefit as Mayor Isko Moreno ordered the distribution of television sets complete with digital boxes to all daycare centers in Manila.

In simple ceremonies held at the Manila City Hall, department of social welfare chief Re Fugoso said the mayor ordered the purchase of said TV sets, noting that certain TV programs may also serve as learning and instructional tools for the kids as long as they are wholesome and educational.

The mayor told Fugoso to equip each of the 425 daycare centers with television sets and digital boxes, also to provide a form of amusement for the kids during breaktime or as an alternative source of entertainment.

Moreno though, stressed that the TV should not serve as the main preoccupation of the students, saying nothing still beats books which help develop the children’s reading, speaking and comprehension skills.

Republic Act No. 6972 provides for the establishment of a day care center in every barangay with a total development and protection of children program for kids up to six years of age.

The province, city or municipality concerned are to allocate financial assistance for the establishment of said centers and provide Filipino the best care and attention at the family and community levels.

The law also provides that for 100 family heads residing in a certain barangay, there shall be established a Day Care Center that will look after the nutritional needs and social and mental development of all children two to five years old, when their parents are unable to do so.

Too, the same law noted that pupils of the said age are the most vulnerable to the ill effects of malnutrition and lack of social and mental stimulation and the establishment of daycare centers is part of the government’s relentless effort to combat such problems and to provide supplemental feeding units to promote the social and mental development of pre-schoolers in support of the nationwide nutrition program.