Isko, Honey launch dental program for public students

Honey Lacuna
Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna after launching the city’s dental program for public school children. Photo by Jerry S. Tan

THE city government of Manila headed by Mayor Isko Moreno and Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna had launched a dental program for public school students in the city, aimed at eradicating dental problems before the said students reached their ‘teens stage.’

Dubbed ‘Wala Nang Batang Manilenyong Bungi Sa 2030,’ the program’s launch was led by Lacuna and Manila Health Department chief Dr. Arnold Pangan at the Benito Legarda Elementary School and attended by school officials and representatives, students, parents and dentists from the Manila Health Department (MHD).

Lacuna said the program which was approved by Mayor Moreno will implement a “Comprehensive Oral Health Program for Schoolchildren and Adolescents” in public schools and aims to eradicate dental problems of all school children in Manila within a period of ten years or until year 2030.

‘All public schools in the six districts of Manila will implement this program of intensifying the dental services for school children for free. The students will also be given lessons on how to take care of their teeth, as early as Kindergarten level,’ Lacuna said in her speech.

Lacuna likewise cited  that she and Moreno are constantly reminding the residents to always clean, not only their own houses, offices and communities, but also their bodies and specially  mouths, teeth and hands.

Dr. Pangan meanwhile stressed the need to take care of the public school children’s health, especially their teeth, as he enjoined the parents and teachers to help the city government achieve its program.

‘It’s about time to have a more comprehensive dental health program for our children. The objective of the program is to increase the proportion of orally-fit children and complete mouth rehabilitation among the schoolchildren and adolescents by 100 percent at the end of 2030,’ Dr. Pangan added.

Kinder to Grade 1 learners of public elementary schools will be given comprehensive dental care on the initial year and continue to receive maintenance in the succeeding years, he added.