Isko: Manila on its way to becoming city of lights

August 13, 2020
Isko Moreno
Mayor Isko Moreno gives instructions to city engineer Armand Andres .Photo by JERRY S. TAN

THE city of Manila is well on its way to becoming ‘the city of lights.’

Mayor Isko Moreno announced that while the city government continues to light up major thoroughfares in an effort to dissuade criminal elements from taking advantage of the darkness and victimizing hapless citizens, the paved streets themselves are also being illuminated.

This, Moreno said, is for the benefit of motorists who continue plying the streets at night, as the project had initially begun along Roxas Boulevard beginning from the boundary of Pasay and Manila.

City engineer Armand Andres said that on orders of Moreno, solar studs have been installed from Vito Cruz Street all the way up to the Anda Circle in the vicinity of the Intramuros, near the Port Area.  The lights were put both on the northbound and southbound lanes and are intended to illuminate the roads for the benefit of motorists.

Andres said the same kind of solar studs will also be installed along other major thoroughfares like Tafe Avenue, Rizal Avenue and Burgos Drive, among others.

Meanwhile, Andres said 61 sets of new lampposts were  installed  at the sidewalk side of the University of Santo Tomas on Espana Boulevard.  A total of 56 sets of the same lampposts were put at the center island and 55 sets at the other sidewalk.  It was learned that the height of each post is 10 meters while the pedestal height is 0.5m. The total quantity of street lights used is 172 sets in all.

Moreno lighted up the whole stretch of Espana Boulevard, as he announced plans to also dot the area with closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras and free wifi, all the way to Lerma or the ‘university belt area.’

Much earlier on, Moreno ordered that uniform lights be put on the trees that line up Roxas Boulevard beginning at the city’s boundary on Vito Cruz, along with the famed Jones Bridge and the Bonifacio Shrine beside the City Hall.