Isko: Manila to nab crime suspects faster with better tracing system

February 27, 2020
Isko Moreno

THE city of Manila will soon have a better tracing system that will make it faster for authorities to locate and arrest suspects in criminal activities, including those who are fugitives from justice.

This was announced by Mayor Isko Moreno, as he called on victims to help the city government by making sure that they file a complaint and see it through, so that suspects will be prosecuted and punished accordingly.

In his weekly report, Moreno issued this call to victims of even petty crimes: ‘sana pag nag-complain tayo, tuluyan natin.  We want to help you … na maging panatag kayo, pero hindi pupuwede na kami lang.’

Moreno said that soon, the entire city will be utilizing a device that will have a special feature called ‘facial recognition’ in order to better track down suspects.

‘Ito ‘yung dumadaan ka lang,  malalaman na kaagad na wanted ka based on our database..the algorithm will recognize your face and raise the red flag and then we will follow you,’Moreno explained.

He added: ‘Eh ngayon nga, wala pa sa CCTV lang kaliwa’t-kanan na ang nakakalawit.  Baka akala nýo ýung me nakakabit sa poste, hindi ilaw ‘yun.’

Moreno said that aside from criminals who have just committed crimes, the device will also help track down those who have been eluding the law and are ‘wanted’ by authorities.

The mayor had been offering reward money for every ‘wanted’ arrested by the police, in an effort to keep the unsuspecting public safe.

He noted how dangerous it is for law-abiding individuals to be out there doing their regular thing without knowing that someone within their community or neighbourhood is a wanted rapist or a drug-crazed murderer who may strike again anytime.