Isko to Manilans: Pls participate, cooperate

Isko Moreno
Mayor Isko Moreno call for public cooperation. Photo by Jerry S. Tan

PLEASE, participate, cooperate.

This appeal was made by Mayor Isko Moreno to all Manilans, as he urged them to make such effort voluntary on their part.

The mayor made the call amid city government efforts to put things back in proper order and implement basic regulations and cleanliness.

Moreno stressed that the success of any city government’s administration boils down to its people.

‘While we in the city government do everything to make the city and its people have a better future, the  least that you (Manilans) can do is participate,’ he said.

Moreno added: ‘If you see the government working, please participate and cooperate.  Allowed ka lang to do otherwise kung nakikita nyong walang naggo-gobyerno o namamahala.’

In line with this, Moreno cited the gains already achieved by the city in terms of collections made by revenue-generating departments, bureaus and offices in Manila City Hall.
At the rate things are going where lead offices have posted 110 percent increases compared to the same period last year and just for the past months, Moreno said the target income of P5 billion seems achievable.

He credited the employees and officials of the city government for the notable increase in collections so far, adding that it is a clear example of how people’s participation and cooperation can aid for better governance.