Isko: No more ‘tollgate’ in hiring of employees

February 24, 2020
Isko Moreno

NO more ‘tollgate.’

Thus vowed Mayor Isko Moreno in reference to what he bared was the old practice in Manila City Hall when it came to hiring of new employees.

Speaking before employees of the Manila Health Department under Dr. Arnold ‘Poks’ Pangan, Moreno assured that he and Vice Mayor Honey Lacuna will just have to make sure that those who are qualified will get a fair shot.

In his speech, Moreno said that gone are the days when applicants will have to give their one or even two months’ salary to a ‘facilitator’ who would help them get a particular item, something which was made known to him when he assumed the mayorship. It’s called ‘tollgate.’

Moreno’s pronouncement got approval from those present who applauded him loudly.

In his case, Moreno said he has already signed hundreds of promotion and newly-hired but never saw or met any one of them.

He also said that unlike before when vacancies are hidden and ‘sold,’ this time around, they are being announced to the public and even posted on social media for anyone who is interested or qualified.

‘We are doing this so as to widen our options and have more chances to get the best people qualified to do the job,’ he stressed.

Moreno added: ‘For the past several years, there was divisiveness... naging barkadahan wherein ang may tsansa lang ma-promote ay ‘yung taga-bitbit ng bag ni sir o ni mam, ‘yung kainuman sa gabi. Those days are gone.’