Isko: Observe 3 Ws, kusang disiplina

August 02, 2020
Isko Moreno
Mayor Isko Moreno calls on residents to observe kusang disiplina', and the three Ws, wearing face masks, weashing hands and watching your distance.Photo by JERRY S. TAN

THE city of Manila is nearing its limit when it comes to accommodating COVID-19 patients both in its numerous quarantine facilities and city-run hospitals.

Mayor Isko Moreno broke this sad news, as he reiterated calls for 'kusang disiplina' among city residents and for them to stay home as much as possible and always observe the ‘three Ws’--- wear your face masks, wash your hands and watch your distance.

The mayor also urged Manilans to have the kind of mindset that ‘’everyday, there is COVID-19’ the moment they step out of their homes, so as to be conscious about not letting their guards down at any moment of the day and end up being added to the statistics of COVID patients.

In saying so, Moreno  admitted that the city hospitals and quarantine facilities are almost full to the brim with the recent spike in the number of COVID patients since the community quarantine eased up a bit.

The city has six hospitals, one in each district and 12 quarantine facilities spread all over the city and with a total bed capacity of almost 600.

“We have quaranatine facilities for mild asymptomatic, for COVID- positive dialysis patients, pregnant women, COVID-positive alone and people awaiting results of confirmatory tests done through swabbing,” Moreno said.

Meanwhile, Moreno admitted he was highly disappointed over the handling of the locally-stranded individuals who trooped to the Rizal Stadium in Malate, Manila recently.

“I am disappointed and so are all our nurses and doctors only to find out that there are 48 who turned positive for COVID,” Moreno stressed, as he also expressed hope that it will not happen again.

“Maganda ang prinsipyo.. ang concept.  Taas-kamay ako but it was not done  according to the set of rules na sinusundan ng lahat ng lokal na pamahalaan. It is quite unfair for receiving provinces to send someone there who is infected. Di kami pwede manahimik.  They (concerned authorities) mended their ways and promised na di na mauulit ang ganung bulusok,” Moreno said.

It will be recalled that last July 24, about 4,000 LSIs thronged to the city and and camped out in the vicinity of the Rizal Stadium before they were finally allowed inside where they stayed for nearly a week while waiting for their free transport to their respective provinces.

The city government’s department of public services headed by Kenneth Amurao utilized 30 personnel to collect over 50 tons of garbage courtesy of the LSIs and had their hands full cleaning up the toilets that became unbearably smelly and dirty due to the huge number of users.

“Tatanggap pa din kami ng LSIs kung makakatulong… but we, as intermediary city, when people come from their origin going to endpoint,  sa amin dadaan so they have to make sure that medical protocols are practiced not only for the people of Manila but for the receiving provinces as well,” Moreno said.

He added: “Naglilinis kami, lima singko then here you are, throwing your garbage everywhere. It’s quite unfair for us. When you come to our city, you have to behave like Manilans. We are inculcating discipline unti-unti, this cannot be done  overnight but the process is consistent and persistent. ‘Wag kayong dugyot. Be responsible.”