Isko pushes online payment system

Isko Moreno
Mayor Isko Moreno urges all those doing business with City Hall to go online to keep safe.Photo by JERRY S. TAN

PAY in the comfort of your own homes at any time of the day, any day of the week, without having to experience the hassles of spending on fare or gas and bearing time-consuming traffic, looking for parking, long queues and most specially, risking the possibility of being exposed to COVID-19.

These, according to Manila Mayor Isko Moreno, are but some of the advantages of availing of the city government’s online payment system, as he bared that over ten percent of those regularly settling their dues with City Hall have already opted to pay via online, while more are trying it and expressing satisfaction and even gratitude.

Moreno said he is strongly encouraging the some 370,000 real property owners and and over P50,000 business establishment operators in Manila to go online when paying, stressing it is totally ‘hassle-free’ compared to having to go to City Hall which would only expose them to the hazard of infection.

The mayor urged all paying population in Manila to already avail of the new payment system “by simply downloading in their mobile cellphones  the 'GO MANILA' app (application) for safer, easier and effortless business dealings with the city government.”

More importantly, he stressed that the taxpayers no longer need to beat the 5 p.m. deadline, or the time when offices in City Hall close, since they can pay online any time of the day.

“The  said mobile app provides a fast, effective and convenient manner of various services to the public and a more secure and cost-effective means to access a full range of payments and financial services that now reaches not only the constituents of the City but even those already residing abroad,” Moreno said, adding that his office is in fact being swamped with congratulatory letters from satisfied taxpayers living in other countries who have availed of the online system.

Apart from real property and business tax payments, the online payment system covers a wide range of facilities for payment of bills for government and private entities and E-Wallet for loading, payment, sending and receiving of funds. Lately, it included cedulas (community tax certificates), birth and death certificates among others.