Isko urges Manilans to report illegal drug existence to PDEA

February 26, 2020
Isko Moreno

MAYOR Isko Moreno urged Manilans to help the city government totally get rid of illegal drugs in their midst by reporting its existence to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).

Moreno said he has given the PDEA an office at the Manila City Hall in an effort to make Manila totally drug-free.

According to the mayor, the public should help the city government, the PDEA and the police by reporting any illegal drug activities in their respective areas.

‘Kami po ang tipo ng pamahalaan na hindi nasa likod o harapan ng PDEA.  Nasa tabi ninyo kami at kaagapay sa landas na tatahakin… lagi ninyong katabi ang lungsod,’Moreno stressed.

With the PDEA now holding office in City Hall, Moreno said those who have information but have doubts about relaying it to their barangays may go to PDEA instead, aside from the police.

The mayor also lauded the barangays that have been cleared of drugs and called on the barangay officials and the residents to continue being vigilant against those behind the proliferation of illegal drugs.

‘Congrats sa mga barangay na na-clear sa drugs.. Patuloy tayong magmatyag sa pagpapatupad ng batas laban sa illegal drugs,’he said, noting that many crimes stem from drug abuse.

Moreno also said that once cleared of drugs, the barangays concerned must ensure consistency and keep their areas of jurisdiction drug-free.