Isko wants ‘pasaway’ Chinese nat’l deported

February 08, 2020
Isko Moreno
Isko Moreno

‘I don’t  like him in this country. I want him kicked out and blacklisted.’

Thus said Manila Mayor Isko Moreno as he sought the deportation of Zhou Ziyi, the Chinese national who got involved in a string of violations recently, capped by spitting on the uniformed policeman who was arresting him.

A report from Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau chief  Dennis Viaje said that Ziyi’s violations consisted of trying to escape when flagged for a traffic violation, ramming vehicles along the way, nearly running down an MTPB enforcer and  spitting on a cop.

To top it all, Zhou was found with a sachet of shabu and was apparently high on drugs when nabbed.  He also failed to present a driver’s license and only showed one taken from his cellphone.

Moreno has sought the help of Bureau of Immigration (BI) intelligence chief Jun Manahan for the swift deportation of Zhou, whom he said is an ‘undesirable alien.’

He directed Special Mayor’s Reaction Team (SMART) chief Maj. Jhun Ibay to coordinate with the BI for the said purpose, saying he wants the suspect out of the country as soon as possible, noting that the cases he is facing are all bailable and he might just be out in no time.

‘I want him back to his mother country.. baka umandar lang pera nyan bailable ang mga kaso. He is a danger to the community.  If he can do those things in Manila, he can do them in other cities as well,’ said Moreno.

The mayor also said that once the suspect is able to get out of jail due to bail, he will be emboldened to commit other illegal acts, thinking that you can do anything in the Philippines as long as you have money.

The said Chinese apologized to Moreno, who also said sorry because he has to face the law.