Isko warns vs ‘Eddie’, ‘Patty’ swindling modus

February 06, 2020
Isko Moreno
Mayor Isko Moreno is asissted by DSW chief Re Fugoso in distributing the educational assistance for students in public schools. Photo by Jerry S. Tan

RECIPIENTS of city-sponsored  benefits were told by Manila Mayor Isko Moreno not to deal with anyone offering to work for their inclusion on the list, in exchange for a fee or ‘picture,’ stressing that no one should allow ‘Eddie and Patty’ to continue thriving in the city.  

Moreno’s pronouncement came after learning from Manila social welfare department chief Re Fugoso that some unscrupulous individuals approach the beneficiaries, saying they will help or have helped include their names on the DSW list of those who will receive financial help from the city government.

Purportedly in exchange for the non-existent help, Fugoso reported, the racketeers would demand from the recipient concerned that they split whatever amount they will be getting from the city.

Thus, before distributing at the San Andres Complex the financial assistance of P5,000 each to a total of 1,842 beneficiaries from the various districts of the city and assisted by Fugoso, Moreno asked those present to help him run after the said racketeers.

‘Wag na ‘wag kayong magbibigay kahit kanino. Inaabuso ang kahinaan ninyo ng iilan. ‘Yang tatanggapin ninyo buo, para sa inyo. Hindi kayo nahulog sa langit at nasama kayo sa listahan ng maliligtas. Siniyasat kayo ng pamahalaan.

Walang palakasan. Ibibigay sa inyo ng buo, pakinabangan ninyo ng buo.

He added:  ‘‘Wag nating hayaang mangibabaw si Eddie at Patty. Sikat na sikat ýun sa Maynila… walang picture. O di ba pag me bigayan sinasabi ‘picture ako diyan ha’,’ in reference to those who ask for a portion of the benefits supposedly in exchange for help they claim to have extended.

Moreno directed Fugoso to track down the said unscrupulous individuals and have them charged accordingly, as he expressed disgust that even measly benefits for the Manila residents who need them most is being subjected to such anomalous acvities.

‘Hindi sila takot na magabaan. Nakasanayan na kasi sa loob ng ilang taon,’Moreno said, stressing that he wants the public to report such activities themselves as their silence would encourage such illegal schemes to continue and equates to tolerance.

According to Fugoso, those who received educational  financial assistance totalled 1,458 students  while the rest, numbering 384 parents in all, were able to get the same amount but as capital/livelihood assistance.

Moreno said that all he asks in exchange is the people’s cooperation in the city’s cleanliness campaign, by keeping at least the frontage of their homes clean at all times.