Iso assures no health personnel will lose jobs

February 23, 2020
Isko Moreno
Mayor Isko Moreno assures health personnel of job security. Photo by Jerry S. Tan

‘WALANG mawawalan ng trabaho.’

This assurance was given by Manila Mayor Isko Moreno to all health personnel of the city, as he asked them to ‘make a mark’ by giving their best in serving the patients who come to them for help.

‘Pumanatag kayo.. in fact, baka ma-upgrade pa kayo at some level,’ Moreno said, as he announced that the city government is in fact now hiring more health personnel to ease the workload of the existing ones.

The mayor said the city is now hiring additional health employees simply because he wants the present staff to get their much-needed rest instead of them getting and covering the shift of others.

Moreno said that for the past previous years, the doctors, nurses and staff of the city-run hospitals have been overworked for accommodating workloads beyond their shift and bodies’capacity.

‘Ýou will all be treated as professionals.. hindi natin wawalisin ang alikabok para ilagay lamang sa ilalim ng alpombra pero nandiyan pa rin.  Wala nang mahihiyang doktor o nurse ngayon,’ Moreno said.

Meanwhile, the mayor called on the medical staff to let go of the things that were done to them unfairly in the past to enable them to become better persons and focus better on their jobs.

‘Throw all your excess baggage, move on and focus. That will be the happiest day of your life,’ he said.