Jail execs intercept MJ, alcohol, cigarettes

February 14, 2020
Ricky Heart Pegalan
Jail officers led by Chief Insp. Ricky Heart Pegalan examine the intercepted contraband. Photo by Edd Reyes

AN attempt to smuggle contraband by two masked men inside the jail facility by passing through the tiny opening of the wall ventilation was foiled by alert jail officers Thursday evening in Navotas City.

Navotas City Jail Warden Chief Insp. Atty. Ricky Heart Pegalan said that a day before the smuggle try, they received an intelligence report from an unidentified source regarding a plan to sneak in contraband inside the two-storey jail extension facility.

As precautionary measure, Pegalan instructed Assistant Warden Sr. Insp. Henry Laus to conduct regular inspection outside the perimeter wall of the extension facility during night time.

At around 9:50 p.m., while Sr. Insp. Laus and JO1 Roy Dumam-ag were conducting routine inspection, they spotted two men with black face mask acting suspiciously outside the perimeter wall.

The jail officers, together with JO3 Roger Aquino, JO2 Donald Usacdin and JO1 Edmund Keone David tried to approach the two but they immediately fled towards the back portion of the facility, leaving a big plastic bag they tried to hide underneath the parked vehicle.

When jail officers examined the contents of the plastic bag, it yielded ten 230 ml plastic bottles containing alcoholic drink, six plastic sachets of dried marijuana leaves with fruiting tops and 12 rims of assorted cigarettes.