Labor groups back hospital frontliners’ call for hazard pay

March 24, 2020

LABOR groups expressed support to the call of the frontliners of The Medical City for an increase in their Hazard Pay in the height of the coronavirus 19 (COVID-19l pandemic.

The group Defend Jobs Philippines said in a statement  that the hospital administration must be compassionate enough on heeding the demand of their employees.

​“As our frontliners facing the danger of being infected and as they risk their lives just to serve our people in combatting COVID-19, hospital owners and the government must ensure that they are well-compensated and that they will be protected from the danger brought by the disease,” said Thadeus Ifurung, Defend Jobs Philippines spokesperson.

​In an open letter, frontliners of The Medical City aired out their sentiments for an increase of their current P125 Hazard Pay per cut-off or P250 per month

​They added, while they dedicatedly perform  their duties  they also expressed fear for their health and for the safety of their families.

​Based on The Medical City bulletin, they admitted 71 Person Under Investigation, with 19 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 2 COVID-19 deaths and screened 640 at their Emergency Room as of March 22.

​Defend Jobs Philippines salutes all the healthcare workers and frontliners nationwide as they called out the attention of administrators and owners of all private and public hospitals across the country to look into the situation of their doctors, nurses, health workers and staff as they face health risks and vulnerabilities due to their crucial jobs in fighting COVID-19.

​The group also said that the lives and health of their frontliners must be on top of its priorities at all cost.

​Ifurung added, “We call on the Department of Health (DOH) and the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases to mandate both public and private hospitals to raise the hazard pay and other benefits for their healthcare workers in the soonest possible time.”

Defend Jobs Philippines also encouraged all medical frontliners on and off duty to express their sentiments online and post their messages in whatever form possible.

​As they said their call for higher hazard pay and benefits were just and on high moral ground.