Laborer rapes 8-month old baby!

January 23, 2019

THE sweet scent of the eight-month-old baby girl probably fascinated the construction worker like candy to a hungry child. Like a lion stalking prey, the twisted 22-year-old man pulled down his shorts and carefully pinned the child with his body.

The  construction worker was arrested for allegedly raping the eight-month baby girl
Sunday in Malate, Manila.

Now detained at the Manila Police District -Station  is suspect Benedicto Dizon, alias ‘Jumong’, of 2288 Leveriza St., Malate.

His arrest stemmed from a complaint filed by the victim’s motther.

The complainant told the police  the rape occured at around 5 a.m. inside the victim’s house on 2104-24 Dakota St.

The victim’s mother said they were sleeping when she heard her baby suddenly cry out loud. When she opened her eyes, she found the suspect on top of the victim with his shorts pulled down.   

The suspect, seeing that the victim’s mother had been roused from sleep, fled on foot. The complainant then went straight to the police to lodge a formal complaint against Dizon.

The baby was brought to the Philippine General Hospital where medical tests done showed lacerations in her private part.

Police nabbed the suspect in his home during a follow-up operation. Appropriate charges have been filed against him before the Manila Prosecutor’s Office.