Laborer shot dead in front of sis in Caloocan

February 19, 2020

A 40-year-old laborer was peppered with bullets by six armed men riding on three motorcycles in the presence of his sister before dawn yesterday in Caloocan City.

Reynate Simo, of Zapote Street, Bgy. Bagong Barrio died on the spot from multiple bullet wounds in the body while his sister was left unhurt by the perpetrators who immediately escaped towards an unknown direction.

Investigation showed that while Simo and his sister were talking at the corner of Malvar and Zapote Streets, Bagong Barrio, six men on board three motorcycles arrived at around 4:20 a.m.

Two back riders, wearing full face helmets, approached the victim and with drawn guns, shot the victim repeatedly, killing him instantly.

Police recovered from the crime scene 14 pieces of empty shells for caliber .45 pistol, three pieces of empty shells for caliber .9mm pistol and seven deformed fired bullets that proved that the suspects made sure that the victim will not survive.