Lady fiscal’s punches stop fleeing snatcher

February 22, 2020
Isko Moreno
Mayor Isko Moreno listens to Fiscal Ramos narrate how she stopped a snatcher (head covered with cloth) who was running from the police. At left is Maj. Jhun Ibay, chief of the special mayor’s reaction team. Photo by Jerry S. Tan

FOR helping stop a snatcher near City Hall from escaping, a lady fiscal in Manila was praised by Mayor Isko Moreno as a “good citizen.”

Moreno made the comment when he presented snatcher Allan Mahayag to media  and asked the fiscal, identified as Lani Ramos, 51, to narrate her fete.

The mayor said Ramos is praiseworthy for going beyond her duty as a fiscal by helping in the arrest of a snatcher who admitted to being a recidivist, since it was his third time to be arrested for snatching.

Ramos was outside City Hall at around 4 p.m. Thursday when she heard policemen shouting that the man they were chasing was a snatcher. Ramos said Mahayag managed to push away everyone who tried to stop him. She waited for the right moment and then unleashed punches to the face and stomach of the fleeing thief who fell stunned.

Ramos, who had been a Manila fiscal for 14 years, said she had been boxing for about a year now.

Moreno said: “Piskal ang nakadale sa snatcher na ito. Sinuntok siya. Hindi po siya natakot. Hindi na po niya trabaho ‘ýun and yet, nagmalasakit siya and she went beyond her profession.She is a good citizen,” the mayor said.

Moreno said Ramos, who is assigned at the Manila Regional Trial Court Branch 16, showed concern as a good citizen.

Meanwhile, Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau personnel also helped in the arrest of snatchers Romnick Drona and Ryan Caoili on P. Burgos Street in Ermita, Manila.