Lim decries campaign sabotage, sure of win

May 04, 2019

COMEBACKING Manila Mayor Alfredo S. Lim, who is the official mayoral candidate of the ruling party PDP-Laban headed by no less than President Rodrigo Duterte, yesterday lamented that all his campaign paraphernalia are being removed only minutes after they had been put up.

This he learned from his own campaign volunteers who reported that even in common poster areas, the tarpaulins and posters of Lim are being taken down so that they don’t get to last even a day.

Residents from Tondo and Sta. Cruz, Manila, where Lim recently conducted his house-to-house campaign, informed Lim of the same thing but assured him that they would still vote for him even if he lacked tarpaulins or posters promoting his candidacy.

Lim appealed to those behind the tearing down of his campaign paraphernalia to play fair, and described such deeds as a clear indication that he is doing well with his campaign and is headed for a sure win.

He noted that if he were a candidate not to reckon with, no one would bother to sabotage his campaign by removing his posters and tarpaulins.

Just the same, Lim expressed belief that in the end, the mayoral race would not be about the number of tarpaulins or posters being successfully put up, but the number of accomplishments one can present as proof of service to the people of Manila.

Lim said he is running on his track record and is confident that Manilans know what he had done and can still do once he is back in City Hall.

Among his known accomplishments are the following: establishment of the City College of Manila (now Universidad de Manila) giving totally free college education; five out of six city hospitals –one for each district- giving free hospital care, treatment and medicines;  485 daycare centers, 97 additional new buildings for elementary and high school, 59 barangay health centers and 12 lying-in clinics where deliveries of babies are free and 130 roads and streets that were rehabilitated and upgraded.

Lim said that once he wins, he will bring back all the free “womb-to-tomb” services he introduced in 1992 – from the moment one is conceived up to the time he dies -- and will also be putting up a free college in each of the city’s six districts to complement the already existing UDM so that poor students will no longer have to spend on transportation to get free college education.