Lim joins Chinoys in ‘Year of the Earth Pig’ welcome

February 05, 2019

COMEBACKING Manila Mayor Alfredo S. Lim greeted members of the Chinese-Filipino community as they ushered in the “Year of the Earth Pig” yesterday, citing their huge and varied contributions to the country.

Lim, himself of Chinese descent, said that Chinese-Filipinos have become an integral part of Philippine society and active partners especially in the field of public service.

He particularly cited the role of philanthropists and volunteer firefighters who risk life and limb just to help and save fire victims.

Yesterday morning, Lim joined the community in celebrating the Chinese New Year and was mobbed by residents and revelers in the Chinatown area in Ongpin, when he paid a surprise visit there to watch the merry-making activities marking the entry of the Chinese New Year.

Accompanied only by a handful of companions, Lim first attended a mass at the Binondo Church and then suddenly decided to walk all the way to the Chinatown area to observe how the Chinese festivities were going.

Lim happily greeted those who trooped to him to have their selfies and group pictures taken with him.

He also vowed to bring back to the old rates the real property taxes in the city, in response to complaints reaching him.

Before leaving, Lim wished the Chinese-Filipino community members more success so they could continue contributing to the economic growth of the country and fostering a harmonious integration of Filipino and Chinese culture and values.