Lim thanks backers, congratulates Isko

Fred Lim & Isko Moreno

Former Manila Mayor Fred Lim yesterday thanked all his supporters and volunteers for all their help during the campaign period, all the way up to election day.

He also congratulated mayor-elect Isko Moreno, vice mayor-elect Honey Lacuna and all those who won as congressmen and city councilors and wished them success in their governance.

Lim likewise called on his supporters to help  the incoming administration of mayor-elect Isko Moreno and pray for the success of the new city government as this will redound to the benefit of the citizens of Manila.

Meanwhile, Lim branded as a ‘brazen lie’ the statement of outgoing Mayor Joseph Estrada that the administration was bankrupt when he (Lim) left City Hall in 2013.

Lim cited a certification from the city treasurer’s office to prove that Manila was in good financial shape when his term ended in June 2013.

‘When I left City Hall on June 30, City Hall was not bank trupt. Kung bankrupt daw, saan kumuha ng pansweldo? Dito nila kinuha ‘yung pera,” Lim said, in reference to a certification, dated July 4, 2013, which indicated that his office had P800 million in cash and more than P778 million distributed in seven banks as savings.

A consolidated daily cash position report prepared by the city treasurer’s office then said that the total funds left as of July 1, 2013 was P1,555,249,704.19.  The said figure is broken down as follows: cash- in treasury, P11,162,298.04; cash-other banks (current account) P768,318,222.49 and cash-other banks, P777,769,183.66.

This, he said, only proves that statements made by Estrada from 2013 until now that the city had been left bankrupt and with a P3.5 billion debt are not true.