Makati seniors feted

‘Gusto ko happy kayo’ –– Mayor Abby

MAKATI Mayor Abby Binay has provided around 1,000 senior citizens with free studio entrance to a live noontime television show and treated them to free meals and pizza since January, as part of her commitment to keeping them happy.

The mayor said her administration continues to seek creative ways to provide fun and entertainment to elderly Makatizens who are still well enough to travel, in addition to the many privileges they already enjoy.
 “We are always on the lookout for opportunities to pamper our senior citizens and keep them happy and energetic. Being made a part of the studio audience of a live noontime show is both highly entertaining and memorable for them,” Mayor Abby said.

From January 9 to March 15, around 1,000 senior citizens, including non-Blu Card holders, have been treated to free live viewing of popular noontime show “It’s Showtime” on ABS-CBN from Monday to Friday. Each day, 20 senior citizens from different barangays, 10 from each district, have been provided with free roundtrip transport, brunch before the show, and snacks at a famous pizza parlor after the show. They also receive takeaway food before being dropped off at their respective barangays.

The day starts at 7 a.m. when they are picked up from the barangays and shuttled off to the TV station. Registration and orientation by the Showtime staff are conducted from 9 a.m. until the group is admitted into the studio at 11a.m.. After the show at around 4 p.m., they are picked up and brought to Shakey’s Morato for snacks and some bonding time, until around 5 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. before they are brought back to Makati.

Makati senior citizens who are Blu Card holders enjoy unlimited free admission to any cinema in the city, free birthday cakes, cash gifts, grocery packs during Christmas, free tours to popular spots around the country, and burial assistance to their families. Centenarians also receive P100,000 one-time cash gift from the city.