Man held for firing shotgun

A company employee was arrested by authorities from the Manila Police District (MPD)-Pandacan Police Station for allegedly firing his homemade shotgun indiscriminately while reeking of liquor, on the complaint of his neighbours in Paco, Manila.                                                                                                     

Corporal Danilo Kabigting of the MPD-Pandacan Station identified the suspect as Daniel de Liva, alias ‘Butch.’  He was charged with violation of the Omnibus Election Code in relation to Section 28 of Republic Act 10591 (unlawful acqusition or possession of firearm), Article 151 of the Revised Penal Code (resistance and disobedience to a person in authority or agent of such person) and revised ordinance 7468 (drunk and disorderly conduct).                                                      

Before De Liva was nabbed at 4:20 p.m. on Gomez Street in Paco, his neighbors reportedly heard the suspect screaming and when they checked, they saw him holding his shotgun.                                                                                          

Moments later, the suspect aimed at a wall and fired a shot, causing panic among the entire neighborhood, so that concerned residents immediately reported the incident to the barangay authorities who, in turn, sought help from the nearby Peñafrancia Police Community Precinct.                                                                       

Policemen led by Lieutenant Alex Cariazo responded to have the suspect arrested but the latter refused to surrender and instead tried to fight off the arresting cops who had to use force to effect the arrest.                                                                

Kabigting said the suspect was drunk when the incident happened and he is not a registered gun owner. Police recovered the spent shell in the same area.