Manila to issue MRIS IDs for better, faster services

SOON, every resident in Manila will be issued a uniform  ‘Manila Resident Information System (MRIS) ID card’  which they can use when transacting in  public and private offices in the city.

This was announced by Mayor Isko Moreno, who said that  alongside this, the city government of Manila will be using an identification system that will make it easier to maintain, search and store records of all residents, who will each be issued an accompanying ID which will be valid for one year.

“Institutionalizing the Manila city identification system will improve the delivery of the basic needs and services in the city, making it faster, more efficient, and more convenient on the part of the residents and  stakeholders as well,”  Moreno said.

The establishment of the MRIS and its implementing guidelines are contained in a city ordinance authored by second dictrict Councilor Numero Lim and majority floorleader Joel Chua.

Lim, the principal author, said that the MRIS will enable the city to establish a City  Information System, the entries of which can be used by the City Council in crafting policies, programs, and identifiable relevant projects to facilitate welfare and care for its residents.

“The aforementioned identification system will speed up and simplify processing of documents such as clearances, certifications, permits, license, tax payments, and others as the information of the constituents in the city are readily available in the data information system,” Lim added.

The MRIS will cover all permanent residents of Manila. A resident shall refer to an actual inhabitant in the barangay, from zero age and above and who has resided in the city for a minimum period of six months prior to the application, as certified by the city government.

Moreno explained that all residents, zero age and above, are to secure an MRIS and that  a resident applying for a MRIS must submit proof of residency to the city validation office such as any valid ID card, birth certificate, utility bill, proof of lease, pay slip, passport, etc., before he is issued an MRIS card.

Meanwhile, Lim said that Moreno will be the sole signatory of the ID card which will bear the following details: seal and logo of Manila; name, photo and signature of bearer; sex; blood type; address; birth date; contact person in case of emergency; name of father, mother, wife husband and children if any; voters ID reference; date of MRIS issuance and validity and unique identification number.

“Compliance must be adhered before the issuance of the MRIS card as the resident applicant shall submit a duly prescribed application form to the clearance office designated by the city for processing of the said card. Parents or guardians are to fill up and submit the prescribed Application Form in behalf of their minor children and dependents and the city may, by ordinance, impose or waive reasonable fee or fees for the issuance of the MRIS Card,”Lim added.

The MRIS as City Information System will reduce the difficult  procedure of accessing files and records they keep and store, knowing that the system will also be the census-like system of the city for all of its constituents and others  who plan to transfer and reside within the City of Manila. The system is expected to be an effective tool in maintaining, searching and storing records of all residents in the city

The MRIS would also benefit residents for having an identification that can be used to access their accounts if there are some changes to be done on their part.