Manila Police District nabs engineer running for councilor for raping high school stude

November 16, 2018

THE Manila Police District (MPD) arrested a 67-year-old engineer who is reportedly running for councilor in the fourth district of Manila, after he was accused of raping a Grade 7 student at the España Tower in Sampaloc, Manila, the other day.

The 15-year-old victim, said to be a high school student in Maypajo, Caloocan, told probers that she accompanied her friend, who went to her mother last October 10.

They went up to the 11th floor  owned by Rodolfo Astorga. Once there, she used the comfort room and when she got out, her friend was gone and the door of the unit was locked.

The suspect, she said, pulled and undressed her, mashed her breasts and only stopped when her friend came knocking at the door.

The suspect, she said, gave P1,500 to her friend who then tried to give her P1,100 which she did not accept.

On November 5, the victim said she asked her friend to accompany her to the suspect’s unit to get her watch that she left behind and it was then that the rape took place.

The victim narrated her ordeal to her brother, who accompanied her to the Manila Police District-Women and Children’s Protection Unit to file a complaint.

The suspect has refused to issue any statement on the matter and the allegation of the victim that he offered her P30,000 to withdraw the charges.

Reportedly, the suspect is a former barangay kagawad and owns a bar near the España Tower.

Police are looking into information that the victim’s friend and a certain ‘Joan’ had been bringing teenaged girls to the said tower, particularly to the fourth and fifth floors and are paid P1,500 each.