Manila schools equipped with nCoV testing devices

February 01, 2020
Isko Moreno
Mayor Isko Moreno accepts a donation of hundreds of high-tech temperature scanning devices from Harwin Chen of Morganstar Co., along with secretary to the mayor Bernie Ang (seated). Photo by Jerry S. Tan

THE more than a hundred public elementary and high schools in Manila, along with the city-run colleges, health centers and city hospitals, will now be equipped with  high-tech devices that would detect with swiftness and precision if a person has fever, which is a key symptom of the 2019 novel corona virus.

This, after Mayor Isko Moreno ordered the distribution of 500 infrared thermometers that could scan people and detect if they are running fever.

Donated by Harwin Chen of MorganStar Co. through the office of secretary to the mayor Bernie Ang, the said thermometers can detect fever fast and accurately by just pointing the device at the forehead, thus doing away with any physical contact.

Once a student is found to have fever, he or she will be referred to the clinic or nearest health center which will then determine the steps that should be taken. In the case of hospitals and health centers, the patient will be thoroughly checked for further symptoms, based on which the next move will be determined.

Stressing that ‘an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,’ Moreno said that the early detection of fever would complement the distribution of face masks being done by the city government.

So far, the city has given away 650,000 face masks to students, barangays, city employees and jail personnel, among others which they could wear as protection specially in crowded areas.

Moreno yesterday reiterated his previous appeal for businessmen engaged in the sale of medical supplies that include face masks not to hoard or create artificial shortage for the purpose of profiteering, stressing that this is against the law and basic morals.

In the light of the recent chaos in Bambang, Sta. Cruz, an area noted for the rows of establishments selling medical products, due to the influx of buyers of face masks who were not able to buy any, Moreno said the possibility cannot be ruled out that some unscrupulous traders may just be taking undue advantage of the situation to gain profit.

By creating artificial shortage in the supply of face masks, he said these traders can later resell their old stocks at higher prices.

I am appealing to these businessmen’s conscience.  Please, do not put profit above everything else.  Do not profit at the expense of your fellowmen’s suffering,” Moreno said.