Mayor Estrada files CoC, seals bid for last term

October 17, 2018
Joseph Estrada and Amado Bagatsing
ERAP, BAGATSING FILE cocs - - Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada and former 5th district Congressman Amado Bagatsing filed their certificates of candidacy for mayor and vice mayor, respectively, before the Comelec office on Arroceros St., Manila. Mayor Estrada and Bagatsing will face former Mayor Alfred Lim and former Vice Mayor Isko Moreno in next year’s mid-term elections. Photo by Jon-Jon Reyes

Former President and incumbent Manila Mayor Joseph “Erap” Estrada on Wednesday filed his certificate of candidacy (CoC) in a bid to continue to serve as Manila’s top public servant for the third and last term, with the promise of realizing his vision to bring back Manila’s “old glory”.

Accompanied by hundreds of supporters, the former actor-turned-politician carries with him the accomplishment of making the city “debt-free”, a feat that former Mayors Lito Atienza and Alfredo Lim failed to do.

Mayor Estrada, who expressed confidence of winning the race for the third time, said  his promise of making Manila a  better place to live have been fulfilled, and will leave an unparalleled legacy.

“Given another three years to serve the public, I will fulfill the promise of bringing back the name of Manila as the Pearl of the Orient,” Mayor Estrada.

Estrada’s running mate, former Congressman Amado Bagatsing, will also help fulfill Estrada’s promise to uplift the lives of every Manileño. Both Estrada and Bagatsing will run under his own political party, the Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino party.  

In the 2013 elections, Estrada won by a landslide, and edged out Lim on the latter’s attempt to get the Manila’s top post to Estrada..

During the filing, the former President vowed to serve Manila “until his last breath”.

Since assuming the post, the former President has embarked on a massive urban renewal program to clean up and beautify the capital city.

Among his accomplishments were the construction of six new hospitals equipped with MRI, X-ray and dialysis machines, among others.

Estrada also vowed to complete the construction of the New Manila Bay International Community to spur Manila’s economic growth.
Born in Tondo, Manila in 1937, the incumbent Manila mayor gives his priority to the Manila’s poorest district by providing them with free medical assistance, education, job opportunities and distribution of land titles to the landless Manileños.