Mentally ill teenager drugged, raped in Tondo

TWO young men were arrested after they allegedly drugged and then raped a mentally-challenged teenager in Tondo, Manila last Saturday.

The suspects, identified by Manila Police District (MPD)-Raxabago Police Station 1 (PS-1) chief P/LCol. Reynaldo Magdaluyo as Manuel Saylo, 19, of 408 Kagitingan Street and Cesar Gabino, 30, of 343 San Ramon Street both in Tondo, have been charged with rape.

The third suspect, identified as Danny Pelayo, 25, of Banaba corner Masinop Streets also in Tondo, escaped and is now being hunted down by the police.

The victim, said to be a special education (SPED) student, was also allegedly made to consume intoxicating drinks before the rape that took place at around 11 p.m. Saturday at 1337-D Balimbing St., Tondo.

Prior to it, the victim was said to be with her cousin when she went to a variety store, where Saylo told her to come back sometime.

The victim and her cousin ignored him and went home. Unknown to them, Saylo followed the victim later on and lured her to go with him.

When the victim’s mother noticed that the former was missing, she sought help from the barangay. While the search was ongoing, they saw the victim on her way home, looking very tired and shocked.

Asked where she had been, the victim told her mother that she came from the house of her classmate.

Police said the mother only found out what actually happened when her sister-in-law further questioned the victim and showed her the Facebook account of Saylo.

On seeing Saylo’s face, the victim reportedly began narrating her ordeal in details, adding that the suspects have threatened to kill her if she did not give in to their demands.

Based on the victim’s account, the mother sought police help resulting in a follow-up operation that led to the arrest of Saylo and Gabino, who both denied the charges and pointed to Pelayo as the one who actually raped the victim and even inserted a catsup bottle in her private part.

Magdaluyo said that based on examination, the girl had indeed, been raped.