Metro Rail Transit 7 contractor ordered to open lanes illegally occupied

January 09, 2019

THE Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) yesterday issued a notice of violation to a private contractor involved in the construction of Metro Rail Transit 7 for congesting the traffic when it occupied several lanes on Elliptical Road and North Avenue in Quezon City without prior notice.

MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia said EEI Corporation failed to coordinate with the agency when it occupied two lanes of the road for heavy equipment used in its excavation activities that troubled passing motorists.

“We were surprised about the closure of two lanes without properly informing us of the exact date of the closure. The area became a chokepoint as lanes available for the motorists narrowed,” said Garcia, who inspected the construction works on yesterday morning.

Regularly, the MMDA advises motorists ahead of time of traffic-causing construction activities in Metro Manila.

As a remedy, Garcia also ordered EEI Corp. officials to immediately install steel plates on the two affected lanes to make them passable to motorists as soon as possible.