Metropolitan Manila Development Authority eyes more benefits for enforcers

June 15, 2019

METROPOLITAN Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Danilo Lim appealed to his traffic enforcers not to lose heart as they are looking for ways to grant them additional employment benefits, including hazard pay.

Addressing close to 300 traffic enforcers during their formation yesterday, Chairman Lim acknowledged their efforts as front-liners manning and managing traffic along EDSA, the metro’s most busy thoroughfare.

“I understand your plight in manning your posts and we have been pushing for the granting of your hazard pay considering the risks you encounter daily,” Lim told traffic enforcers.

Recently, a research team led by Emmanuel Baja of the National Institute for Health-University of the Philippines revealed in its study that traffic enforcers on EDSA face health risks which include high blood pressure and respiratory problems due to exposure to black carbon and heavy metals.

“We shall write a letter to the president (Duterte) to revive the granting of hazard pay. Let’s hope we be given the chance,” added Lim.

During the Commander’s Time, the MMDA chair also took the occasion to remind traffic enforcers about discipline that must start among their ranks.

“Since I took over, we have dismissed a lot because of illegal activities that still happen,” said Lim as he assured traffic enforcers their needs are addressed and well taken care of as long as they perform their duties well but also vowed to crack the whip on enforcers who engage in corrupt practices.

“Low salary is not an excuse to engage in unscrupulous activities,” he stressed.