Mobile car ambush: 2 hired guns slain, 2 cops spared

February 27, 2019

THE Manila Police District (MPD) is conducting a thorough probe into the reported ambush of two suspected guns-for-hire while in the company of their police escorts and on board a mobile car, near the corner of Fajardo and Lacson Streets in  Sampaloc, Manila the other day.

MPD Director Vicente Danao, Jr. said that they now have a copy of the CCTV recording of the said incident that took place at around 4:15 p.m. after the suspects were subjected to inquest proceedings at the Manila City Hall following their arrest.

Based on the CCTV footage, the mobile patrol was seen slowly cruising along the said street while suspects Apolonio Flores, 37 and Prince Patrick Cortez, 32, were being taken back to the MPD-Station 4 following their inquest for violation of the Omnibus Election Code and illegal possession of firearms at the Manila Prosecutors’ Office (MPO).

Three motorcycles each with two men on board arrived at the scene, ordered the cops to get out, disarmed them and then made them lie on the floor face down. PO1 Joven Miguel and PO2 Mark De Lima were spared but the suspects were shot dead while seated in the back of the patrol car. 

The MPD said it is looking into the possibility that the gunmen were behind illegal drug operations since the two admitted that they were hired killers of drug pushers who fail to remit sales to a certain syndicate.

The two police escorts, it was learned, are also under investigation to  see if they have any liability.

Senior Inspector Phillip Ines, spokesperson of the MPD-Station 4, said all angles are being investigated including possible lapses of procedure and their full account of what happened.  A task force was also created by the MPD to conduct a full investigation.

Flores, of No. 719 J. Fajardo St., Sampaloc and Cortez, of No. 269 Malaya St., Balut, Tondo, admitted that they were hired killers who get paid P20,000 for every successful kill.