Moreno assures early action on suspension of classes during storms

WITH the onset of the rainy season, incoming Manila Mayor Isko Moreno assured residents that announcements on suspension of classes will be made as early as the night before and the latest would be at around 4 a.m. on the day itself.

He said this would prevent the students getting stranded in the rain or wading through the floods while still waiting for announcements on suspension of classes.

Citing the General Welfare Clause, particularly Section 16 of the Local Government Code, Moreno said the local government may exercise authority where the general welfare of its citizens is concerned.

“Hindi naman mga frogmen ang ating mga estudyante so bakit natin sila pasusuungin sa baha?”, Moreno said during an interview with the members of the media.

According to Moreno, the need for properly-timed announcements of class suspension was brought to his attention during town hall meetings.

The incoming mayor expressed concern for the safety of the students who are forced to wade through the flood and whose transportation money goes to waste if the announcements comes late.