Moreno gets praises, tagged as ‘rock star’ for leadership

Isko Moreno

“A TOTAL rockstar.”

This was how US Ambassador Sung Kim described Manila Mayor Isko Moreno when the two met yesterday for the first time after the mayor took  office last week.

“You bring new dynamism and energies to your position”, Ambassador Kim told Moreno.

Ambassador Kim also shared his observation on Moreno’s anti-drug campaign where the local chief executive had expressed support to the Duterte administration while calling on the police authorities to respect human rights.

“We appreciate your approach. You’re dealing with it in a manner that is consistent with human rights and the rule of law,” said Ambassador Kim.

Upon learning that Moreno participated in the US State Department-sponsored International Visitors Leadership Program in 2011, Kim said: “We are proud of you being an alumnus. We want to claim that. We have a good success in identifying future leaders. That is one of the few that we are proud of.”

The two discussed the present status of the city and the mayor’s plans and policies.

Moreno humbly told the ambassador that he is yet to begin working on the present chaotic condition of the city.