MRT train encounters short circuit, emits smoke

March 19, 2019

THE Department of Transportation and Metro Rail Transit yesterday assured train commuters that all MRT trains are in 100 percent good working condition.

The assurance was made after one of MRT trains emitted smoke early evening Monday at around 6:02 p.m. which prompted the operator to unload commuters between Cubao and Santolan stations.

The DoTr said the train regained traction and was moved to the pocket track in Shaw Station. The operation went back to normal before 7 p.m.

MRT technicians said the smoke was caused by a short circuit in the high voltage wire of the train’s traction motor.

Brand new traction motors along with other major spare parts of MRT trains have already been procured few months ago and they were expected to be delivered in the next two months.

“Base po sa aming records, in good condition po ang nasabing traction motor nang isalang po ito sa mainline,” the DoTr-MRT said in a statement.