NAVOTAAS has 289 new skilled workers

December 12, 2018

NAVOTAS has once again gained a new batch of skilled workers following the graduation of 289 Navo-teños from the Na-votas Training and Assessment (NAVOTAAS) Institute.

Some 189 graduates completed the NAVO-TAAS Institute Scholarship Program funded by the city government while 100 were under the Training for Work Scholarship Program of the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA).

Mayor John Rey Tiangco and Cong. Toby Tiangco both congratulated the graduates and urged them to continue to improve themselves.

“Learning never ends. You’re still young and you have one of the most precious resources --time. Use it to your advantage. Continue to learn and upgrade yourself,” Mayor Tiangco said.
He also reminded the graduates to practice good work ethics and build friendship with colleagues.

Cong. Tiangco, on the other hand, informed the graduates that two additional training centers are currently under construction at Bgy. NBBS-Kaunlaran and Bgy. Daanghari.

The centers will offer tech-voc courses such as housekeeping, barista, wellness massage, animation and visual graphics, carpentry, among others.

“We will strive to provide you with the opportunities you need to improve yourself. Take advantage of them and continue to develop your skills,” the lawmaker said.

Navotas has also opened the NAVOTAAS Institute to non-Navoteños seeking to acquire tech-voc skills and secure certification.