Navotas penalizes discrimination vs COVID-19 patients, frontliners, OFWs

April 16, 2020

THE City Government of Navotas has banned and penalized any form of discrimination against health care workers, Overseas Filipino Workers, and patients suspected with, suffering or recovering from Corona Virus Disease 2019 (COVID-19).

​Prohibited acts under City Ordinance No. 2020-16 included coercion, libel, cyberlibel, slander, physical injuries, and breach of contractual obligations such as contracts of lease and termination of employment committed against the abovementioned individuals.

​The ordinance also prohibited the denial of access to public programs and services otherwise available to the public and the refusal of entry to, eviction from, or provision of inferior services by residential, commercial and medical establishments.

​It also penalizes denial of access to or use of private and public establishment, facilities, utilities, transportation services that are otherwise available to the public.

​“We condemn in the highest terms possible any form of discrimination against our frontliners, OFWs or patients being monitored or treated for COVID-19,” Mayor Toby Tiangco said.

​“Discrimination has no place in Navotas. We are all suffering from the COVID-19 crisis. Our health workers are risking their lives to save those who are afflicted with the disease. They need our support and understanding, not contempt and ridicule,” he added.

Violators may be meted with a P1,000 fine or 1-30 days of imprisonment for first offense, P3,000 fine or 1-30 days of imprisonment for second offense, and P5,000 fine or 1-30 days of imprisonment for third offense.

In case the violator is a minor, his or her parents or guardians shall pay the penalty.