NBI activates units vs fake news

March 20, 2020

In an effort to intensify the campaign against fake news on COVID-19, the National Bureau of Investigation has activated various units to investigate the source of fake news especially those reports that sow chaos and unrest in the country.

​NBI Director Eric Distor has instructed different units such as Cyber Crime Division (CCD), the Digital Forensic Division, and other Investigative units including the Regional Operations Service to trace the source of fake news.

Distor also said the Bureau's International Operations Division (IOD) is currently coordinating with its foreign counterparts as well.

​The new directive by Distor was prompted by an alleged statement from the US State Department warning of potential looting incidents during its month-long lockdown to curb the spread of COVID-19.

​Distor said all these reports were baseless and totally untrue,saying that the US has clarified it releases information and advisories only through its official media platforms and website.

​"The International Operations Division is now gathering relevant data and other information for possible case build up and filing of cases against the perpetrators of fake news."

​"What is clear at the moment is that the NBI our Cyber Crime Division in particular is now investigating all possible sources of fake news being spread in various social media platforms and will submit its results to the Secretary of Justice," Distor said.

​He assured the public that the NBI will take all the necessary steps to protect its citizens against the proliferation of fake news and prosecute those responsible for it.