NBI nabs internet ‘mayaman challenger’ Francis Leo Marcos

May 19, 2020

THE National Bureau of Investigation yesterday arrested internet personality Francis Leo Marcos for violation of the Optometry Law after he was accused of distributing eyeglasses without necessary permits.

NBI Cyber Crimes Division chief Vic Lorenzo said Marcos was arrested in his Quezon City residence by virtue of an arrest warrant issued by a court in Baguio City.

Lorenzo said Marcos' arrest stemmed from a complaint by the Philippine Association of Ophthalmology.

Marcos became 'popular' for his hit 'Mayaman Challenge' on social network where he would dare his affluent neighbors and friends to donate money and basic goods like rice to the poor.

But aside from the pending case in Baguio City, Lorenzo said Marcos was also facing string of charges, saying several NBI units have been investigating him.