NBI to probe woman’s death after hospitals’ rejection

April 27, 2020

JUSTICE Secretary Menardo Guevarra yesterday tasked the National Bureau of Investigation to investigate the death of a woman, who had just given birth, after she was allegedly denied treatment by more than six hospitals. 

​Guevarra said the NBI was given 10 days to come up with its findings, and if evidence warrants, file the appropriate charges before the Department of Justice. 

​" I have already given instructions to the NBI to investigate the incident," Guevarra said in a statement. 

​Guevarra earlier warned that personnel of hospitals which refused to admit patients, may face charges for violation of Republic Act 8344.

​RA 8344 is an act penalizing the refusal of hospitals to administer initial medical treatment in emergency cases, as strengthened by RA 10932.

​Reports showed that Catherine Bulatao successfully gave birth at their home in Caloocan City but needed a medical procedure due to a complication.

​The midwife who assisted in the birth recommended that she should be immediately brought to a hospital to remove the placenta from her uterus.

​But all the hospitals where they brought Bulatao allegedly refused to admit her, that eventually led to her death.