NCRPO steps up fight vs pandemic

August 08, 2020

THE National Capital Region Police Office headed by Major Gen. Debold M. Sinas has stepped-up its measures to fully fight the pandemic by further improving its strategic preparedness and response plants to contain the spread of the virus, the Journal Group learned yesterday.

Sinas on Friday led his officials in holding a dialogue with medical specialists at the Quezon City Police District headquarters in Camp Karingal.

Members of the NCRPO Command Group, all five NCRPO District Directors, its National Support and Administrative Support Units and health service officials attended the meeting with Dr. Rolly Cruz of the Quezon City Epidemiology Surveillance Unit, Drs. Nima Putong and Rey Salinel Jr. of the Sna Lazaro Hospital; Dr. Grace Padilla of the Sta. Ana Hospital; Dr. Sammy Cunanan of the Chinese General Hospital; Dr. Maria Teresa Tuliao of the Muntinlupa City Health Office and Dr. Alex Dimapilis.

Discussed during the meeting, according to NCRPO Regional Operations Division chief, Colonel Bernard R. Yang were the established Quarantine Control Points in Metro Manila, the NCRPO Social Distancing Patrols; the number of community quarantine violators; and the NCRPO’s initiatives and best practices in fighting COVID-19.

NCRPO Regional Health Service chief, Col. Nenita S. de Leon also presented during the meeting their ongoing plans and programs to fight the pandemic.

During the dialog, a medical specialist recommended the following: the non-use of thermal scanners in QCPs to avoid direct contact between police and the public; the removal of disinfectant/decontamination tents due to a study which shows it is no longer effective in eliminating the virus; and  the need to improve contact tracing with the use of information technology; the need to prioritize high-risk personnel and vulnerable and poor people in targeted group testing.

Also recommended was the need for local ordinance violators to do community service such as cleaning or planting instead of being issued citation tickets’ the need to have an efficient and accurate data on COVID-19 cases in Metro Manila’ and the need to provide regular dose of vitamins and vaccines to boost the immune system of NCRPO personnel; the need for all QCP personnel to wear face masks, face shields and gloves and strictly observe social distancing; the need for policemen manning checkpoints to be far away from vehicles they are checking to avoid contracting the virus;  the need to train PNP medical technologists in the proper conduct of swab tests; the need to have a COVID-19 manager who will act as supervisor  in checking the welfare of every NCRPO station personnel; the need for NCRPO personnel to observe proper coughing and sneezing etiquette; and the need for a much strong public information drive and the strict enforcement of all policies and guidelines of the Inter-Agency Task Force to fight the virus.

Maj. Gen. Sinas assured the medical specialists they will adopt the recommended strategies specifically the strict enforcement of all health protocols by all NCRPO personnel. He also invited the doctors to visit their quarantine facilities and make recommendations that will be for the good of all.