No washing in public places

October 25, 2019

AN ordinance prohibiting the washing and hanging of laundry on the streets and in public places was passed by the city council and signed by Mayor Isko Moreno.

Ordinance 8752, known as ‘Tapat ko-Linis ko’ ordinance, also prohibits the hanging of clothes using utility cables as clotheslines as well as in windows and posts.

Moreno said  the ordinance hopes to put order in the streets and public places like alleys, gutters and sidewalks, do away with eyesores brought about by clutters and maintain cleanliness at least in each resident’s frontage.

The mayor also said that using utlity cables as clotheslines is also dangerous specially with regard to electrical lines.

The said ordinance also disallows leaving trash; allowing or leaving pets to poop or pee outside the owner’s residence; and leaving dilapidated appliances or objects on the streets; construction of pens or cages, extension, roofs, canopies and awnings and construction of permanent fences or gates outside the owner’s property line.

Warning awaits first-time offenders while those who violate for the second time will be fined not more than P500; third offense, P1,000; fourth offense, P3,000 and fifth offense, P5,000 and or 30-day imprisonment depending on the court’s discretion.